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We know home care can be confusing. Citadel Home Care’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff will walk you through all the red tape so you can focus on what really matters.

1. Call us and we’ll get you started by assisting in the enrollment process

2. Upon enrollment, you’ll be assigned a personal case manager, supervisor and coordinator.

3. Our professional staff will conduct a personalized assessment.

4. The coordination team will match you with the best certified caregivers in the industry.

5. Our team will ensure high quality service tailored to each patient. Guaranteed.


We accept most major insurance plans and managed care plans - including private insurance, long-term care, worker’s compensation, Medicare*, Medicaid waiver and private pay.


Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to systematically monitor, measure and evaluate the standards and appropriateness of care services to assure clients the highest possible level of service.


Citadel will always verify benefit eligibility and services covered. We will notify the patient’s family or selected legal representative of their financial obligation, if any, and complete all related paperwork.


Citadel Home Care allows the employees, patients, families, referral sources, and selected or legal representative to contact the company’s Compliance Officer should you have the need for a confidential alternative means of reporting any questions, concerns or suspected violations to the Code of Conduct, the law or the Corporate Compliance Plan.

The Compliance Officer is available by phone at: 718.475.1640

The caller does not have to leave their name when calling or identifying themselves when reposting. Calls will never be recorded or traced.

It is the strict policy of Citadel Home Care that home health services shall be available and shall be rendered regardless of the recipient’s race, sexual orientation, religion, age, sex, disabilities, ethnic/cultural background or national origin.

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